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Berwick Film Society: Marguerite

A wealthy Parisian diva sings to an expectant audience, invited to her beautiful home. She is
received with a rapturous response – despite having an alarmingly awful voice! Yet
Marguerite became famous and was obliviously encouraged to become more ambitious,
charming even the sceptics among her devoted following.

Based on the original character of Florence Foster Jenkins but a quite different story set in
Paris rather than New York, this portrayal is more touchingly melancholy as we get to know
the woman and her blind passion for singing, and those around her who love her too much
to reveal the truth.

Earplugs to the fore then, for a delightful night with Marguerite!
Cast: Catherine Frot, Andre Marcon, Michel Fau
Director: Xavier Giannoli
Year: 2015
Language: French, Italian, with English subtitles
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