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Berwick Broadcasting Corporation: Murder and Mayhem

The Berwick Broadcasting Corporation returns once again with another long overdue, FOURTH one-off special.  Join the cast for high drama, romance, astonishingly inappropriate radio commercials, bucolic comedy and music from the hit parade, coming at you from out of your Bakelite wireless set.

In this programme the Berwick Broadcasting Corporation delves in to the murky underworld of the gumshoe plus all your usual favourites from years gone by in Murder an Mayhem.

BBC performers with special guest George Formby present some magical wireless moments of the airwaves including Peter Meliah's Thought for the Day, some of your favourite commercials of time gone by such as Orangicide, Gilhooloies and Fazackerley’s Hats, and of course the world's longest running radio soap The Sticks.

A humorous look back at the golden age of wireless entertainment from a time of war, austerity, rationing and rampant misogyny! The BBC recreate the atmosphere of a 1940s radio show complete with incredible sound effects.

Yes, it will be more fun than you could ever have in an Andersen Shelter, so leave your Bakelite wireless at home, ladies rub some Bisto on your legs and gentlemen take the moth balls out of your De-Mob suit and join in the fun!
Year: 2017

Hilarious, smart and very silly... A great night out – Berwick Advertiser

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