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BEYOND THE PALE: Walking the Borderlands

Join artist Zoe Childerley to hear about her experiences of walking the 100-mile-long Anglo- Scottish Border as part of a project that began during an artist’s residency in Northumberland in 2016.

Zoe wanted to investigate a narrative around identity, landscape and belonging, within the context of the Brexit vote and to physically experience this unique landscape, learning about how people either side of this largely invisible divide, felt about the border, past, present and future.

Zoe is now developing material including drawing, text and photography to explore ideas around territory, migration, wilderness and getting lost in the borderlands, which will be exhibited at the Granary Gallery in Berwick in October 2018.
Come along and hear about her stories and experiences of walking the border and for those who wish to, stay and contribute to a mapping workshop and discussion that will inform a map artwork for the new exhibition.

No experience is necessary, and materials will be provided.

About the artist
Zoe Childerley is British artist with an MA in Photography and a strong record in community projects. She is currently a Lecturer at Kingston University and has worked as an artist using photography and mixed media for over 10 years. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and undertaken numerous commissions and residencies, working in the Caribbean, the United States, the Middle East, South East Asia and across the UK. Her work explores new environments, is developed by interaction with different communities, reflecting a vision of the world concerned with identity, belonging and our relationship to the land and its stories.

Year: 2018
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