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World War I Centenary double-bill presented in association with The British Film Institute:

A Night at The Cinema in 1914

As we commemorate the centenary of The First World War, The Maltings presents a double-bill in association with The British Film Institute. 

We start with A Night at the Cinema in 1914 - a glorious miscellany of comedies, adventure films, travelogues and newsreels recreating a typical night out at the cinema in 1914. Following this is a forgotten masterpiece, Frank Borzage's film of Ernest Hemingway's novel (published just two years earlier) A Farewell to Arms - 
a persuasive picture of the nightmare that was World War One and a deeply affecting tribute to the transcendent power of love.

With our Double-Bill Discount, you can see both these movies for just £10 - click HERE to find out more about A Farewell to Arms.

Cinema a century ago was a new, exciting and highly democratic form of entertainment. Picture houses across Britain offered a sociable, lively environment in which to relax and escape from the daily grind. With feature films still rare, the programme was an entertaining, ever-changing roster of short items with live musical accompaniment.

Among the highlights of this programme of 14 shorts films are a quirky comic short about a face-pulling competition, a sensational episode of the American film serial The Perils of Pauline, an early aviation display, scenes of suffragettes protesting at Buckingham Palace and Allied troops celebrating Christmas at the Front.  There is also an anti-German animation film and an early sighting of one of cinema's greatest icons...

The BFI has commissioned composer and pianist Stephen Horne, one of Britain's leading accompanists of silent film, to create a new improvised score - with abundant references to music of the period - which reflects the spirit in which the films were made.
Year: 1914
Country: UK | USA

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