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BFMAF 2019 - Berwick New Cinema Competition KNIGHT

‘Lazy Girl’ is an emblem of refusal. Like Hammer and Deren she moves to her own rhythm, turning
resistance into art. So did Eric, a singular figure whose “proto-practice” was poetry— but he ran out
of time. Marx said all politics reduces itself to the politics of time; too bad this leisurely splash in
Montánchez is hardly a refusal of capitalism’s tempo but let’s kill time before it kills us.

Films by Deborah Stratman, Patrick Staff, Philbert Aimé Mbabazi Sharangabo, Lesley-Anne Cao,
Chema García Ibarra & Ion de Sosa.

Q&A with filmmaker Deborah Stratman

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Year: 2019
Language: Multiple languages with English subtitles
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