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Berwick Educational Association Lectures: Women Artists Between the Wars

The second in a series of three lectures from Berwick Educational Association with Professor Maria Chester alongside Berwick Visual Arts Spirited exhibition on display at the Granary Gallery.

The period between the First and Second World Wars was one of rich and varied creativity in Britain. The WWI cataclysm destroyed any previous belief in the immutability of our civilisation. WWI was a defining moment for women, a challenge to traditional ideas about women’s position in society. During WW1 many women had been employed in the factories, giving them a wage and therefore a certain degree of independence. Women felt more confident and empowered, and this new independence was reflected in fashion. Hair and dresses were shorter, and women started to smoke, drink and drive motorcars.
The 1920s were an age of dramatic social and political change. Women artists went to art school in large numbers but then often failed to progress beyond that, at least in terms of public recognition and success. Male art critics, gallery owners and buyers of contemporary art were just some of the possible obstructions to these artists getting ‘promoted’. There were undoubtedly systemic barriers to them being able to do so. We shall go through the work of some of these these spirited women who change for ever our perception of art.

Followed by a tour of the exhibition 1-2pm for an additional £3.

All lectures
1. The Glasgow Girls and the Suffragettes - 15 June
2. Women Artists Between the Wars - 27 July
3. Spirited: Women Artists from the Ingram Collection - 15 August

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Year: 2018
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