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The Tideline Runners Theatre Company

Tideline Runners: One Big Lie

Based upon unbelievable but still true events, One Big Lie is the thrilling and pacy new comedy from RJ Wilkinson, creator of the new musical 72Hrs in Moscow and FESTIVAL45 selected The Smallest Story Ever Told.

Alan Lee is at the end of his tether: A loveless marriage, a non-existent social life and spiralling debts that threaten to leave him bankrupt. He needs a way out and FAST. So when desperation meets inspiration: There’s always “a life of crime”.

All he has to do is to pull off the most elaborate property heist the country has ever known and find somebody dumb enough to fall for it. What could possibly go wrong? Everything apparently…

Alan and his inept team of would-be crooks are planning to sell the Ritz hotel for £16,000,000. There’s just one hitch… they don’t own it and the people who do aren’t selling it anytime soon. Before long they are caught in their own web of deceit, and the only way out of it is… more lies.

For "Human Interest Stories":
#3 Shows of 2012 "A stunning and powerful piece of theatre" - S Duke, Berwick Advertiser
"So Sharp it will cut itself" - C Flyte NotBAd
For "Love or Money (& Other Stories)":
"Pioneers of edgy engaging theatre" - S. Duke Berwick Advertiser
"Better than Human Interest Stories... Language that can be as soothing as caress from a lover, or, as brutal as a boxing glove pitted with barbed wire and broken glass" C Flyte - NotBAd
For "The Words in the Wires":
#1 Show 2013 "[The Tideline Runners] best show yet... funny, moving and an ending that stays with you long after the final curtain. One of the most honest and touching shows I have seen." S Duke - Berwick Advertiser
"Wonderfully witty, smart and delightful. There is real magic at work here." Geoff Newton (C4)
"Warmly funny and beautifully sad..." C Flyte
For "Sam & Isla Forever!":
"Mind-blowing! A simply stunning piece of musical theatre! Tideline Runners have taken their incredible talents to stratospheric new heights!" - S Duke - Berwick Advertiser
"From horrifying to hilarious,  R J Wilkinson plays arpeggio with his audience’s feelings. This is interspersed with sudden flashes of utter genius, where he combines all the notes into one great mis-matched chord. " S Campbell - The Berwickshire News


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