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Berwick Film Society: The Rider

Having suffered an almost fatal head injury, a cowboy in South Dakota is advised to give up his passion as a rodeo competitor. But it has become his identity and livelihood.

An authentic docu-drama based on a true story and set in the vast landscapes of the dusty Dakota plains, this is as much a contemporary elegy for the Western as it is about the strong bond that exists between a cowboy and his horse.  Performed by genuine rodeo riders and their families alongside professional actors results in a tangible sense of reality, with the lead role played by the tenacious young man on whose life story this film is based.

Note: Includes scenes of rodeo riding/training, injuries to riders and horse. Frequent strong language

“The Rider reinvigorates tropes from the western genre of men, horses, honour codes and vast expanses of nature with a refreshing lack of sentimentality, without sacrificing their inherent lyricism and poetry” - Washington Post

“…a very impressive, very accomplished film” - The Observer
Cast: Brady, Tim and Lily Jandreau
Director: Chloé Zhao
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Language: English
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