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Only You

Elena and Jake meet by chance on New Years Eve, arguing for the same taxi. That night leads to a passionate relationship that teaches both how to love and learn through the hardest times.

Elena; arts centre administrator, and Jake; a postgrad student researching Marine Biology, meet by chance one New Year. Their relationship is whirlwind - an all in passionate romance that sweeps both of them off their feet. As their relationship continues their love is tested by Elena's infertility, and the couple must navigate uncharted territory while trying to keep their love afloat...

 "a poignant and compelling Venn diagram of passion and heartache." - The Guardian.
Cast: Natalie Arle-Toyne, Daniel Campbell, Joe Cassidy, Laia Costa, Josh O'Connor
Director: Harry Wootliff
Year: 2019
Country: UK | SWEDEN
Language: English
Genres: Drama, Romance

The Maltings is operated by The Maltings (Berwick) Trust Registered Charity No: 701194