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Beneath the Shadow

Dance has the ability to move emotions with one gesture or look... it is such a powerful medium.

Beneath the Shadow is the third Community dance piece that has been performed in Berwick. Community dance is about allowing anyone who wants to dance an opportunity to express themselves but also have the chance to create, practise and then perform. This year there are 20 performers who ages range from 8- late 60's.

The dance has been created in 10 short rehearsal periods. The theme that has been explored is Shadows... from Peter Pan searching for his shadow to the horrific shadow of dust that remains after the Hiroshima bomb explosion. There are moments of tenderness and fun using torches to create shadows.


Beneath the Shadow
is a community project that offers anyone from the ages of 9 to 90 the opportunity to dance. No previous experience is required. Just a willingness to try out and share ideas with others. There will be a two hour class/ rehearsal every week from January, culminating in a performance in the Henry Travers studio in March. For more information contact Cheryl Stewart at

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