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The Space Between: An Edinburgh Love Story

 THE SPACE BETWEEN is an Edinburgh love story and redemption tale.

LISA spends her days numb, isolated, alone in a comfortless flat, her only respite being work at an observatory bringing her clos to the stars. In London STEVEN loses everything and heads for sanctuary in the city he grew up in. At dead of night, at their lowest points, LISA and STEVEN find one another, discovering kinded spirts and a chance to turn their lives around.

This new feature by Scottish filmmakers Lyre Productions is written and directed by Tim Barrow, producer of their debut award-winning Scottish road movie THE INHERITANCE. Filmed in the beautiful locations of Royal Mile and Grassmarket, Calton Hill and Cramond located in the city of Edinburgh.

Following a run of screenings in the film's birthplace, THE SPACE BETWEEN tours cinemas and venues across the UK, and the filmmakers are honoured to be screening at The Maltings.

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Cast:  Vivien Reid, Tim Barrow and David Whitney.
Director: Tim Barrow
Year: 2011
Country: UK
Language: English

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