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Berwick Festival Opera presents The Maltings Theatre & Rocket Opera: Dido and Aeneas

Download a FREE copy of the overture HERE.

A beguiling and engaging new orchestration of Henry Purcell’s masterpiece. The story of Aeneas, who flees from the fall of his home state of Troy and casts up on the shores of Carthage and into the life of its Queen, Dido. Featuring internationally acclaimed saxophone quartet Sax Ecosse, and a new score by Matthew Rooke.

The power of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas lies in its direct and unflinching embrace of powerful emotions: the power of unexpected love; duty; malice; deception and downfall. Its majesty derives from music of such heart-piercing intimacy that defies age.

Deriving from Virgil’s Aeneid, It is the story of Aeneas, one who we would see now as a refugee, fleeing from the fall of his home state of Troy and who casting up upon the shores of Carthage enters into the life of its Queen, Dido. Dido takes the gamble which, if we are lucky, we must all take in love: to set aside life as it has been lived up until that time and to embrace someone else at the centre of one’s life. But as we still see too often in our public life today, there is no separation of the state and private life and so the gods or Fate, or simply the hell of other people, in the form of a malevolent Sorceress, conspire to use this love not as a cause of celebration but as a means to overthrow, wound and destroy Dido.

And so Aeneas is deceived into abandoning Dido and in so doing, not only undermines the state of which she is Queen but also results in the destruction of Dido the woman. Never in the history of music has the aphorism that it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all been so cruelly tested.

1h15m approx. (incl. interval)

Conductor: Conductor: Nick Butters
Spirit - Niamh Carr
Belinda/Soprano - Rachel Dyson
First Witch/Soprano - Anna Marmion
Second Woman/Second Witch/Soprano - Katie Oswell
Dido/Sorceress/Alto - Heather Jill Burns
Alto - Kath Ireland
First Sailor/Tenor - Paul Smith
Aeneas/Tenor - Austin Gunn
Bass - Jacob Robson
Bass - Neil Turnbull

Berwick Festival Opera 2014
The Maltings Theatre is delighted to launch Berwick Festival Opera which spans two weekends in July and August to present some of the world’s most beautiful music and song in the very heart of the town. The festival has a very clear artistic mission: to take well-known works and produce vibrant new productions at a scale that captures the magic of superb singing and instrumental accompaniment, but at a size that reflects the smaller venues that one finds in towns like Berwick-upon-Tweed - would otherwise never be able to host opera.

Note: This performance will take place at the Berwick Guildhall, NOT at The Maltings Theatre.

4 Opera package - £70 / £64 concs, Child £30
(no discounts apply on package price)
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Year: 2014

The Maltings Theatre & Cinema is operated by The Maltings (Berwick) Trust Registered Charity No: 701194