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The Maltings Theatre presents: La Mouche – A playful homage to the 1958 classic ‘The Fly’

The Maltings Theatre proudly presents this hilarious new stage adaptation of the classic 1958 film The Fly, written by CEO & Artistic Director, Matthew Rooke.

“I killed him. I finished him off with my own hand.” Join us for a trip into ‘Class A’ 1950s B-Movie madness, where we meet Nicole, a ‘pretty little housewife’ who seemingly has just confessed to the gruesome murder of Pepe, her eccentric (yet brilliant) scientist husband only weeks after he finished work on his revolutionary new ‘discombobulating teleporting re-erector machine’, a device designed to transport matter through the airwaves at the touch of a button. Surely nothing can go wrong?

When times are tough and there are questions needing answered, it’s time to call the one man in France capable of getting to the bottom of any tangled web, Inspector Ivan Charasse who aims to find out if the unfortunate events of this fateful night were simply another case of marital neglect gone very wrong, or if there is something more suspicious (or is that preposterous) in the air?

3 actors, 8 characters and 1 pesky housefly make up this charmingly dark, laugh a minute riot that will transport you to a time where the ‘World of Tomorrow’ was just around the corner.

Featuring a vividly atmospheric new score by Matthew Rooke.

1h20m approx. + interval
Age 10+
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Twitter: @TheMaltings 

+PLUS Friends of The Maltings will receive a free drink to enjoy in the bar with the cast on either night

Year: 2013

The Maltings Theatre & Cinema is operated by The Maltings (Berwick) Trust Registered Charity No: 701194