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The Tideline Runners Theatre Company in association with The Maltings Theatre presents: Sam & Isla Forever

For the first time since the legendary sell-out "Bourbon Street", the Maltings will play host to the world premier of its very own home-grown musical. From the creator of the critically acclaimed Human Interest Stories and The Words in the Wires, The Tideline Runners bring you the incredible love story that is born in The Great War and spans six decades.
Set locally in Berwick upon Tweed between 1914 and 1974, and, based on stories told by local army veterans, Sam & Isla Forever tells the tale of a boy and a girl torn apart by war, whose story would go on to inspire three lonely souls to aim so impossibly high in the name of justice.

Featuring 20 originally composed new songs ranging from folk to rock to ballad. Effortlessly blending elements of drama, comedy and thriller; an incredible wide-screen cinematic set and a stunning original script by RJ Wilkinson- Sam & Isla Forever is set to be THE theatre event of the summer!

2h+ interval approx.
Facebook: The Tideline Runners Theatre Company 

Praise for Words in the Wires:
"...easily one of the best shows I’ve seen all year" - S.Duke, BERWICK ADVRTISER

Praise for Love or Money:

“…Better than Human Interest Stories… Tideline Runners go from strength-to-strength” - NotBAd
“Love affair with “Runners” continues… Original… edgy and engaging- another fine piece of theatre” - BERWICK ADVERTISER

Praise for Human Interest Stories:
“The perfect play for the modern era… Brilliantly intense and funny - a barnstorming debut” - BERWICK ADVERTISER (No3 of Top 10 shows of 2012)
“Smart and intelligent... So sharp… it’ll cut itself” – NotBAd
“A fantastic new play that is daring and at times very, very funny” – PROMUS

Year: 2013

The Maltings is operated by The Maltings (Berwick) Trust Registered Charity No: 701194