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The Empty Space & Laura Lindow

Heartbreak Soup

A fun, headlong tumble into the power of the imagination... the play warms and lifts up your heart like a hot-air balloon - The Guardian

A kaleidoscope of live action, puppetry and humour, Heartbreak Soup is a magical tale for everyone that has a heart… or two.

Heartbreak Soup follows the journey of 11 year-old transplant patient Cuddy and his friend Dan. Cuddy is in hospital, but with the help of Dan and the magic drawers beneath his bed, Cuddy leads the audience on a series of magnificent adventures. Adventures that help us understand Cuddy, and take the audience on an emotional and heartwarming journey.

Conceived on a children’s ward, Heartbreak Soup lets children and adults peek into a world where every waking day is special. The games that children play away from adult eyes are magnificent medicine indeed. It was presented at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival and has won significant critical acclaim.

With thanks to the Freeman Hospital and the Clown Doctors programme at TIN Arts.

Age 8+
Written and Directed by Laura Lindow

Year: 2011

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