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Northeast-based theatre company Zendeh present their powerful new production FOUND -- a culturally-eclectic new work created with theatre, dance and digital art.

Take a walk in Anna's turbulent imagination, where the modern world collides with memories of her Jewish grandmother in Paris during World War Two. FOUND explores the places and times when we find ourselves at our most vulnerable, and feel truly lost. It marks the journey of beginning to hear your own voice, finding the strength to listen to it, and move forwards.

Informed in part by the story of Abdol Hossien Sadari, an Iranian statesman and diplomat, who gave assistance to Jews in occupied France and saved many lives.

Age 15+
60 mins (approx) (no interval)
Presented and created by ZENDEH
FOUND is funded by Arts Council England, Split Infinitive Trust
Facebook: Zendeh
Twitter: @ZENDEH_tweets
Promo video for ‘Silk’ (2011)

‘A really moving piece, with an ambiance of surreal fragility’ - Tony Panayiotou, Director, Diversity, Arts Council England

Click here to see the video

Year: 2011

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