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Murder, Marple and Me

Margaret Rutherford’s performance as Miss Marple made her a true movie icon, but it nearly didn’t happen. This intriguing new play humorously unearths the fascinating reasons why. Witness this clash of the titans; two of Britain’s most influential women in the arts in the 1950s and ‘60s who staggered through a mutual distaste for each other, and a serious aversion to each other’s work, to eventually come out the other side as friends. Come and unearth the mystery behind the mystery.

Starring Janet Prince
Written by Philip Meeks
Directed by Stella Duffy

Age 12+
1h15m (no interval)
Facebook: Gilded Balloon
Twitter: @Gildedballoon

“A trio of top talent has converged to create one of the finest hours of entertainment you’ll see this Fringe. Written by Philip Meeks, directed by Stella Duffy and acted with wit, delicacy and perfect pitch by Janet Prince, this short play packs in a tremendous amount of plot, and is filled with enough emotional drama to keep its audience on tenterhooks. Moving, mirthful, and entertaining from start to finish, this gem of a production deserves a wide audience.” ***** - THE SCOTSMAN

“This fascinating new play by Philip Meeks explores the mutual distaste between Rutherford and Christie. Janet Prince flits from each character with strong definition, comic timing, providing a masterclass in acting and character portrayal. A must see!!” **** - THE MUST SEE SHOW

“This production sympathetically directed by Stella Duffy is a perfect mid afternoon show which is proving extremely popular with Fringe audiences - it was a sell out on the day I attended - and Prince’s performance(s) are alert and extremely convincing. There are moments of great wit combined with more serious observations.” **** - QUOTIDIAN TIMES

“Janet adept with posture, movement and tone of voice, successfully channeling not just the often-childlike actress (with her favourite toys) but also Christie and the character that nominally linked the two - Miss Marple. It’s an enchanting performance.” **** - BROADWAY BABY

“Tightly directed by Stella Duffy, this piece of theatre delivers a warm and engaging portrayal of a human being who dealt with life in the best way she could.” **** - BROADWAY BABY

“...colourfully illustrates Peggy’s lovable, eccentric nature and quiet vulnerability, perceptively created by Janet Prince with genuine compassion and affection.” **** - EDINBURGH GUIDE

“This was a fascinating glimpse into the life of an iconic character actress, and comes highly recommended.” **** - PUBLIC REVIEWS

“A period set enhances the drama nicely, while Stella Duffy’s direction is tight and to the point, allowing Prince to build on the actress’s famous idiosyncrasies...(Prince) channels the spirit of Rutherford with uncanny ease... in Meeks concise and clever script.” **** - EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS

“Meeks has a whiplash wit” – LYN GARDNER, GUARDIAN

Year: 2012

Moving, mirthful, and entertaining from start to finish, this gem of a production deserves a wide audience” - ***** THE SCOTSMAN

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