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The Playhouse lives on...

Wed 20 Oct

Berwick Playhouse - originally a beautiful theatre opened in 1914 - is due for demolition next month. It's been closed since 2005, and in the last six years has slowly begun to demolish itself.

Original photos show a rather grand building, with detailed plasterwork on the exterior, but all the plasterwork was cleared away years ago and replaced with an uninspired but no doubt practical render.

Like most people who have lived in Berwick for some time, we have very good memories of going to see films at the Playhouse. Spittal Variety Group, who regularly perform at The Maltings, used the Playhouse for all their productions for many, many years.

We were given the go-ahead recently to investigate the Playhouse to see if there were any items which The Maltings would like or which would be of some use to us.

So this morning, a small but intrepid band descended and had a look around for anything that could be saved from the demolition - for items that might give some continuity between the old and new theatres in the town...

To read the full article on our blog, including lots of photos of the derelict interior of The Playhouse, click here.

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