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Gargantua: An Excessive Entertainment by Ergo Phizmiz

Mon 25 March 7.30pm

Gargantua is the new work for theatre, music and media by internationally acclaimed artist and composer Ergo Phizmiz.

This hallucinatory odyssey through time and culture tells three simultaneous stories, one a detective story on the disappearance of the giant King Gargantua, another of an adventure by French writer Francois Rabelais across Europe, the third a strange, elliptical board-game that draws these threads together.

Told through a mixture of performance, animation, puppetry, collage and masks, and an original music score equal parts contemporary electronic, medieval and 1930s British dance band, Gargantua takes history and culture and places them into a boiling pot ready for explosion.

Gargantua is a modern vaudeville of the imagination, and promises to be unlike anything you have seen or heard before. Where else would you find a cast list that includes the Pope, Frank Sinatra, Jonah, Pete Waterman, and Pinocchio?

Created by Ergo Phizmiz, and inspired by the writings of Francois Rabelais, Gargantua is a concoction of mini-epic, detective story, outlandish fantasy, and vaudeville.

Age 10+ (occasional swearing and mild drug references)
1h (no interval)
Supported by PRS Foundation
Twitter: @ergophizmiz

“Musical Man of the Moment” – THE TIMES

“A burst of colour, noise and imagination...I would be slightly disappointed if you had witnessed anything like it before” - NEW STATESMEN

“A true English original who we should cherish deeply” – SOUND PROJECTOR

“Maverick composer” – THE WIRE

Year: 2012

“Musical Man of the Moment” – THE TIMES

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