Portrait of a Town

The Granary Gallery  |  29 May – 10 October 2021

Portrait of a Town offers a glimpse into the lives of townspeople of Berwick over the last 60 years using images from the Photo Centre collection. Aspects of everyday life such industries which once thrived in the town, shops, leisure time activities ranging from darts teams to leek shows with sit alongside the images the Smiths captured of news events and life events.

The Photo Centre collection encapsulates almost every aspect of life in Berwick between 1951, when the David Smith founded his photojournalism business in the town, until 2012 when his son Ian retired.

Portrait of a Town has been commissioned by Berwick Visual Arts and Berwick Record Office and curated by Cameron Robertson. It has been supported by Northumberland Archives, the Friends of Berwick & District Museum and Archives and the Community Foundation.