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Mad Alice Theatre Company: Rose and Robin

From childhood to old age, Rose and Robin have had a wonderful life together – and they want to share it with you! 

Playful and serious, sad and happy, this is a show that celebrates life in all its richness; a story of love and loss, for old and young... especially if you are over seven and have ever lost a sock…or someone you love.

From sports to stargazing, they've enjoyed so much - most of all they loved to dance! They've had their bumps in the road of course and now Robin can't remember where they keep the clothes pegs - but that's all fine at the end of the day.

Join Rose and Robin through their days of dances and dreams, music and memories...what could possibly go wrong? 

A perfect play for all the family to enjoy. From children to Grandparents, whether your 7 or 70; it's fun for all and there's even some chances for you to help Rose and Robin along the way!

Mad Alice Theatre Company presents Rose and Robin, comissioned by Queen's Hall Arts.

Audience Feedback on Robin and Rose:

"Amazing, funny, poignant, such a lovely show!"
"Absolutely fabulous! I laughed, cried and danced!" 
"Beautifully realised storytelling" "Heartwarming story" "Amazing and funny”
"Lovely frock!" "Thought provoking music" "Great feel!”
"Spellbounding! My kids and I loved it!”
'I enjoyed the chance to join in and have a dance!" 
"Brilliant! Really enjoy it! Super!" 
"My kids loved the performance and so did I!"

Year: 2020
The Maltings is operated by The Maltings (Berwick) Trust Registered Charity No: 701194