Northumberland Arts Development

Val Tobiass leads on visual arts engagement for children and young people on behalf of Northumberland Arts Development (NAD).

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Create, Aspire, Transform: North Northumberland Schools Cultural Education Leadership Programme

Thanks to project funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we worked closely with four North Northumberland schools on a visual arts learning and engagement programme which started in April 2018 and finished in December 2019. The project aimed to support teachers and pupils to work with visual arts in new ways and for some, to engage with visual artists and galleries for the very first time.

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Maltings North Northumberland School Engagement Programme 2020 - 2021

The Maltings was commissioned by Culture Bridge North East to deliver a high quality, artist-led, creative engagement programme for pupils and teachers in North Northumberland with a focus on well-being. The programme worked with 522 pupils from nursery to Year 8 across 11 North Northumberland schools between September 2021 and March 2022. The project was led by the Maltings and Culture Bridge North East, funded by Department of Education and Arts Council England and supported by Northumberland Arts Development. 

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