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November Club

The Great Performing Rope – Where do we go from here? Film, cake and conversation

In October 2015, the Great Performing Rope occupied the streets of Berwick creating a 900 metre long route through the town centre carrying the 900 personal stories, memories and hopes of the people of Berwick and its visitors.  Join November Club, the creative organisation behind the event, for a film screening documenting the event, some tea and cake and a conversation about what could happen next to these 900 stories for Berwick.  

Join November Club, the organisers of this event, for a screening of a documentary film of the celebratory October weekend in 2015, to hear the stories of some of the people who took part and helped to make it happen. It’s also another chance to hear Katie Doherty’s popular new sea shanty for Berwick “All hands to the Rope”.
We’ll be serving tea and cake afterwards and invite anyone wishing to stay on for an informal discussion to explore what could happen next to the stories on the rope. We have an idea for another project for the town and would love to hear your thoughts, contributions and ideas.
The film features work by artists Carl Von Weiler, Julia Barton, Kate Doherty and Dan Fox as well as local school children; several community and youth groups; and local musicians Electric Penelope, Sammy Read and the Golden Square Singers, who all helped to bring the Great Performing Rope to life!
The Great Performing Rope was co-produced by November Club and Culture Creative in association with artist Carl von Weiler and was presented as part of Berwick 900.  #greatperformingrope
Image Credit: The Great Performing Rope, Berwick, October 2015. Photo: the Image Farm.
Genres: Documentary
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