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Fertile Ground: Fully Grounded

Fertile Ground return to The Maltings with a rich, immersive and exciting double bill drawing audiences into the sensory and affirming power of dance.

"an entertaining and engrossing evening of dance
" - read British Theatre Guide's full review of Fully Grounded's opening night HERE.

Fully Grounded is a double bill of world premieres by nationally acclaimed choreographers ReGina Wielingen and Robby Graham. Exploring the theme Borders and barriers real and imagined between peoples and cultures – gritty dance for gritty times.
Four North East dancers take the audience on a journey comprising different dance styles from Breakdance, to contemporary to Jazz testing their limits and endurance and bringing you a fantastic, fresh dance experience.

Choreographed by Robby Graham.
Robby has a uniquely compelling choreographic vision and is one of the most sought after artists in the UK. 

Explores the literal barriers in Northern Ireland, the impact of the ‘Peace Wall’ and the flashpoints.

Robby Graham; "I grew up in Belfast looking at the wall from my garden. The manned gaps in the wall would act as Flashpoints for violence".

Using the Northern Ireland Peace Wall as a spark, Graham has created a dynamic piece of dance theatre with striking imagery and a strong physical movement vocabulary. Showing the borders and barriers, both real and imagined that pervade everyday consciousness, creating distinctions based on little else than arbitrary lines in the sand.

Choreographed by ReGina Wielingen
Leemte is Dutch for a space where something or someone is missing

A place where something is missing, it's a void, it's a gap.

Migration and crossing borders and boundaries were the starting point of the piece. During the research it quickly became clear that the Leemte, is around us yet also within us. Most of us have left people behind, the separation causing a Leemte in our heart. We can feel Leemte even when we are surrounded by people.

Leemte is within us and all around us.

“We wanted to be there and here. Travelled, in and out of space. So often we had trespassed, like they, our ancestors, crossing the land from one tribe to the next, from village to city to suburb.” – Regina

Regina, who is originally from the Netherlands, looks at migration and how it affects our feelings of home and identity. Using text as a starting point Wielingen’s choreography explores fragmentation as a cause for break down in interconnectedness, resulting in the creation of boundaries and barriers. Her own rich cultural heritage and wide travel brings a deep understanding of dispossessed peoples.

"We’re delighted to be returning to Henry Travers Studio where we sold out in 2016 and can’t wait to present this new show to new and returning audiences." - Dora Frankel Founding Artistic Director

"Bring on the next five years- absolutely fabulous!"- Audience member 2017

"The bit I liked best was the foot stamping with the walk and all the laughter’"- KS2 pupil - Co. Durham

The company has an extensive participatory programme including workshops and residencies, masterclasses and talks. Contact Catherine HERE to book your event and to discuss what may suit your school, college or community group.
Year: 2018
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