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BEA Lecture: The Idea of a Pier

Berwick Educational Association presents The idea of a pier: An introduction to conceptual and installation art by Professor Maria Chester - A lecture on the origins and development of conceptual art and installations from Black Mountain College in the U.S. to Britain today.

Professor Maria Chester will also review the work of British artists such as Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and analyse the work of Roy Voss, whose exhibition The Way Things Are will be on display at the Gymnasium Gallery from 6 April – click HERE to find out more.

From the last half of the 20th century to the present, contemporary art has had many forms of expression. ‘Installation art’ is used to describe large-scale, mixed media constructions in which the public can interact with the work of art. Installation is a form of conceptual art in which ‘the concept’ is used to cause an impact on the viewer. It is considered ephemeral, often designed for a specific place, and it is used by artists who would like to create a change of attitude in our society to a specific issue. Conceptual art and installations emerged in the 1970s, but the idea could be traced back to artists such as Marcel Duchamp with his readymade “Fountain” (1917) and the avant-garde Dada exhibitions in Berlin, vilified by the Nazi regime which considered all this sort of artwork “degenerate”.

The talk will be held in the Henry Travers Studio, followed by coffee in the Maltings Café Bar
(pre- ordered, included in the price). Following coffee, the group will walk to the Gymnasium Gallery to view Roy Voss’s exhibition where James Lowther (Head of Visual Art, Berwick Visual Arts) will provide a short introduction. Both James and Maria will be available to answer questions while you view the sculpture.

Year: 2019

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