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Berwick Literary Festival 2019: Wilson's Tales - Tales of Tears

For 2019 we present another episode from Wilson’s Tales of the Borders, Berwick’s famous publication from the 1830’s.

This year the project works with The Duns Players to present:  “Polwarth on the Green”

A tale of maidens in distress, wicked uncles, border feuds and heroic help from unexpected quarters. The tale is based on a border ballad of older origin and adapted as a play by local playwright Dr Micheal Fenty.

The Duns Players are noted for presenting old tales in new plays and this falls into both categories.
Wilson’s Tales Project director Andrew Ayre will also explore Wilson’s output as a playwright with particular reference to “The Siege .” which covers the events of King Edwards siege of the town.
Year: 2019
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