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Pasadena Roof Orchestra

When it comes to authentic dance band / early swing music, the Pasadena Roof Orchestra has no equal. It has always had access to the finest arrangements, the best musicians, and under the directorship of Band-leader and singer, Duncan Galloway, produces an immaculately presented show, full of fun, rhythm and laughter.

"For the PRO I have nothing but praise, they brilliantly evoked an array of 20s and 30s musical styles" - Daily Telegraph

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, in its long existence, has never sounded better. It is a world class, unique formation. The band has successfully appeared at major concert houses in London, New York, Dubai, Berlin Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpar and has recorded more than forty albums. The Orchestra has provided music for films, such as the Comedian Harmonists (Josef Vilsmaier,) and completed a soundtrack for Just a Gigolo 1980 with David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich (her last film). It has appeared at Buckingham Palace (Christmas party 2010), and its soundtracks have been used in numerous advertising campaigns. The musicians have four times toured the USA to critical acclaim.

It is probably no longer accurate to list the Orchestra nostalgia, as this seems more applicable to the recent phenomenon of tribute bands. The Orchestra has become an established name, in its own right, in a similar way to the great dance bands that inspired it.

The music is a form of modern classic. It stands on the shoulders of giants like George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Jerome kern, Ray Noble, Hoagy Carmichael. These were Composers who wrote unforgettable melodies, and sophisticated romantic lyrics. The tunes are still the all-time standards, the towering achievements of the song-writers art.

Like the great bands of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ray Noble, Fletcher Henderson and Jack Hylton, this is the sound of their era. The music was the back-drop to events of world shattering significance. Take a listen to the sounds that grew out of New York, New Orleans, Paris and Berlin in the 1920's. Hear the growling trumpet, the muted trombone, the wailing clarinet glissando over the steady throb of the rhythm section, as the smoky shaft of spotlight picks out the white tux and red carnation of the singer.

"An evening of rare musical entertainment" - Financial Times
Year: 2017
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