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Cancelled: U2 2

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent Government advice this event is now cancelled. We apologise for any inconveniance. For more information on bookings please contact Box Office on 01289 330 999.

U2 2, the world's longest running tribute to U2, will be performing the full 'Joshua Tree' album show, at The Maltings theatre. "We're flattered by what their doing" - Bono

U2 2 are the world's longest running look-a-like/sound-a-likes to U2. Formed in 1992 under the name, 'Achtung Baby', the band have performed over 2000 concerts, spanning three continents. Having appeared numerous times on national TV and radio, throughout Europe, the chaps have been mistaken for the real U2 many times throughout the last quarter of a century.

Some of their most memorable shows include Dublin's 'Point Depot' arena (now O2) Coventry's Ricoh stadium (alongside The Bootleg Beatles) and Feyenoord stadium, in Rotterdam, alongside a little known band called 'U2'.

The band have also been hired as look-a-likes, during U2's 360 tour experience, by Blackberry. Their other clients include BBC1, ITV1, RTE, SKY, Pernod-Ricard, Silverstone races, Donington park, Mencap and the 2012 Olympics!

This will be the band's first visit to The Maltings theatre and also their first trip to Berwick-upon-Tweed. For the show, they will be performing the classic, 'Joshua Tree' album, along with other memorable U2 tracks.

"Seen them a few times, they're the best, quite stunning" - Aaron Govern U2 staff member

"Amazeballs! The best in the world" - Ciara Lawrence  Edge's cousin & Mencap

"Great Job!" - Jimmy Destri Blondie

"Awesome show guys, I look forward to seeing you again" - Winston Ellis  Hollywood actor

"You only need Jo the sound man stood next to you" - Keith Duffy Boyzone

"The greatest U2 tribute in the world" - Suggs  Madness

"You look more like them than they do" - Carol Decker T'Pau

"You guys have it all" - Rupert Black The Pretenders
Year: 2020
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