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Spittal Variety Group 2019 Pantomime: The Snow Queen

Berwick’s Noda Award winning society Spittal Variety Group are proud to present this year’s Pantomime The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen sweeps through the streets on snowy nights, looking in at the windows, her breath leaving strange icy patterns on the glass. “Yes”, I’ve seen them” says Gerda, but little does she know her best friend, Kai is about to be spirited away to the evil Snow Queen’s Ice Palace.

And so, as the spring thaw arrives, Gerda’s quest begins - an adventurous journey from Denmark to the frozen north, passing through every season and encountering a host of colourful characters along the way.

Written by Alan Frayn this myth, legend and fantasy combine in a spellbinding story, told in true pantomime tradition. 
Year: 2019
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