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"Too Darn Hot"

Mon 25 Jan

We’re sorry if the temperature in The Maltings Main Theatre isn’t always comfortable for you – we’re very aware that this can be an issue. Our 25-year old heating system can’t quickly be adjusted up or down depending on how warm the theatre is (it works more like a storage heater than a radiator). This is as frustrating for us as it is for every member of our audience, and we try very hard to anticipate the right setting each day based on the weather, the number of tickets we’ve sold and the theatre lighting.
The system is still undergoing emergency maintenance by Northumberland County Council, our landlords, and they are responsible for all maintenance and upgrades. We’re working hard to make them aware that it is isn’t working as well as we all need it too, so that we can establish a timescale for replacing it. It would be very helpful to be able to use your feedback to build that case – so please contact us at with any specific concerns.

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