Berwick Film Society: 1976 (15)

Main House Theatre  |  21 February 2024



Watching from the cushioned viewpoint of a middle-class doctor’s wife, we see Carmen go about her errands, while the daily danger for ordinary people of being snatched from the streets by Pinochet’s henchmen is only hinted at.  

An opportunity to help the local priest to shelter injured activist Elías could entirely alter her perspective, but is highly risky. Could being part of the élite which bolstered the dictator’s rule guarantee her protection, or would it further endanger Elías’s safety? 

Chile/Argentina/Qatar 2022

Dir: Manuela Martelli I Cast: Aline Küppenheim, Nicolás Sepúlveda I Language: Spanish (subtitled)

“An impressing and moving debut from actor turned director Manuela Martelli…[she] offers a subtle, unobtrusive evocation of Chile in the 1970s” 
Allan Hunter, ScreenDaily