Berwick Film Society: Benediction (12A)

Main House Theatre  |  5 October 2022

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Surviving WW1, lauded poet Siegfried Sassoon, decorated for bravery, became a strong critic of the protracted war in its aftermath.

Wooed by caustic socialites in London’s stage and literary circles and embraced by caddish lovers, his destructive relationships compounded a deep heartache; throughout his life he sought redemption and peace.

Beautifully acted and sensitively directed, Benediction depicts the lifelong impact of conflict on a tormented soul living through the era of the stiff upper lip.

UK, USA 2021. 2hrs 17m. Dir: Terence Davies. Cast: Jack Lowden, Tom Blyth. Language: English. Awards: 8 wins, 10 nominations

“Blessed with dialogue that wouldn’t be out of place in an Evelyn Waugh novel…this biopic reaches out beyond the war poetry to carry on its shoulders a gay artist forced to hide his true nature.”
Phil de Semlyen, Time Out
“Benediction finds both sorrow and hilariously withering wit in the eventful life of a famed wartime poet, offering some of the sharpest, nimblest dialogue of writer-director Terence Davies’ estimable career.”
A.A. Dowd, Empire Magazine

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