Berwick Film Society: The Quiet Girl (An Cailín Cilúin)

Main House Theatre  |  Wednesday 24 April



Set in the leafy beauty of rural Ireland during the early ‘80s, this simple story raises nature v. nurture questions. Cáit is a child who lives in a state of loneliness amidst a crowded household, where she is either ignored or berated. School offers no contrast.

When fostered out for the summer months to relatives, she experiences a cathartic change.

Adapted from a novella by Claire Keegan, here’s a quietly impressive new director’s work, with frugal dialogue and a delicate pace that nonetheless carries emotional punch.

Ireland 2022

Dir: Colm Bairéad
Cast: Andrew Bennett , Carrie Crowley, Catherine Clinch | Language: Irish (subtitled), English

“One of the picture’s themes is how silence, distinct from secrecy, can be as expressive as speech, absences as forceful as any presence. The Director Colm Bairéad’s remarkable debut is invested with meaning, lyricism and life. The images sing, but they also breathe."
Ryan Gilbey, The New Statesman