Berwick Film Society: The Real Charlie Chaplin (12A)

Main House Theatre  |  14 September 2022

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A controversial figure and outstanding visionary artist of cinematic uniqueness, there remains only one Charlie Chaplin. But who was he?

With new insight into the legendary cinema icon through recently-unearthed footage and dramatised interview reenactments, this charts Chaplin’s rise from the Victorian slums of early childhood into meteoric international stardom. A filmmaking pioneer (he wrote, produced, directed and starred in all his films), his latent calamitous fall from grace contrasts disquietingly with the brilliantly funny man of the silver screen.

USA 2021. 1hr 54m. Dirs: Peter Middleton, James Spinney. Cast: Jeff Rawle, Anne Rosenfeld, Paul Ryan etc. Language: English. Awards: 5 Nominations

“From his impoverished alter ego to the many silenced women in his life, the real Chaplin continues to prove elusive…”
Mark Kermode, The Observer
“…the pace is brisk. But there are bold, risky flourishes too; the movie keeps finding new angles and tangents.”
Danny Leigh, Financial Times

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