Berwick Film Society: The Truffle Hunters (12A)

Main House Theatre  |  1 December 2021


Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw’s film is an eccentric, charming, beautifully composed and spiritually nourishing study of elderly Italian truffle hunters, produced by Luca Guadagnino.

Deep in the Italian forests of Piedmont, a handful of septo and octogenarians hunt for the rare white Alba truffle. Demand is constantly increasing – even as supply dwindles due to climate chaos and deforestation. Now the secrets of the truffle hunters’ dying art have become more coveted than ever before.

Guided by tradition and an arcane knowledge passed down through generations (as well as by the woffling noses of their cherished, expertly trained dogs), untethered to the internet or mobile phones, they evince the power of a simpler, slower way of life in concert with their animals, their community and the landscape.

With its focus on these mischievous, fascinating and stubborn old men, coupled with quirkiness and good humour, The Truffle Hunters will feel like a balm to audiences after a couple of tough years, even as it depicts the fragility of the wondrous tradition it celebrates.

“Here is a documentary that is simple but contains multitudes”
Benji Wilson, Daily Telegraph


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