Berwick Film Society: Luzzu (15)

Main House Theatre  |  28 September 2022

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Following generations of Maltese fishermen, family man Jesmark teamed with his traditional Luzzu fishing boat faces crises which challenge his way of life.

Now the pressure is showing and the options are tough. By necessity, Jesmark becomes tempted against his will.

The beautiful cinematography of this quietly captivating film and use of real-life fishermen authenticates a topical narrative which is ultimately about sacrificing tradition to move with the times. Effectively, this directorial debut is a heartfelt tribute to those trying, against all odds, to keep their culture alive.

Malta, USA 2021. 1hr 34m. Dir: Alex Camilleri. Cast: Jesmark Scicluna, Michela Farrugia. Language: Maltese with English subtitles. Awards: 5 wins, 13 nominations

“…an impressive feature from the Maltese filmmaker [Camilleri], making the most of a stunning setting and performances”
Nikki Baughan, Sight & Sound
"A ravishing portrait of tradition in transition, Luzzu brings Malta to the forefront.”
Carlos Aguilar,

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