Berwick Film Society: Perfumes

Main House Theatre  |  29 November 2023



An expert scent creator is in demand from the top perfume companies. Her new chauffeur finds this fragrance diva’s directives galling, yet he can’t afford to quit his job. Will these polar-opposites reach an impasse or attempt some kind of truce?

Beautifully understated humour from two seasoned French actors offers a delightful movie, as refreshing as a wafting Parisien breeze.

France 2019 | 1hr 40m | Dir/Writer: Grégory Magne | Cast: Emmanuelle Devos, Grégory Montel | Language: French (English subtitles)


"A feel-good tale of friendship with a fragrant and very French backdrop"
Tomris Laffrey, Variety