Moments of Berwick Exhibition

The Maltings  |  1 June – 30 July 2022

An exhibition of sun prints created by pupils from North Northumberland

First Schools celebrate 70 years of Berwick-upon-Tweed for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

182 pupils from 7 First Schools in North Northumberland have worked with Maltings, Berwick Record Office and artist Sinead Kempley as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations to create cyanotype prints illustrating aspects of Berwick’s life over the past 70 years.

The pupils visited The Printed Line exhibition at The Granary Gallery and then researched photographs from the Berwick Photo Centre Collection and cinefilm taken in Berwick over the past 70 years, which are held in Berwick Record Office.

After their research, each class spent a full day working with the artist to create their finished cyanotypes, also known as sun prints.

The prints have been created by arranging objects on specially sensitised paper and exposed to sunlight (exposure time depends on the how sunny the day was) and any opaque to translucent object can create an image. The prints were then rinsed with water to develop them and left to dry. Pupils worked in groups to create their own storyline around the selected images and objects and include negatives of photographs held in Berwick Record Office.

The programme was supported by funding from the Community Foundation, Arts Council England and Northumberland Arts Development.


St Cuthbert’s First School: Year 3 & 4
Spittal Community First School: Year 2
Berwick St Mary’s First School: Year 3 & 4
Scremerston First School: Year 3 & 4
Tweedmouth Prior Park First School: Year 2
Ford Hugh Joicey First School: Year 3 & 4
Holy Trinity First School: Year 3

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