Anthony lo Giudice: ROMA, plus Beth Veitch: Waiting on It

Henry Travers Studio  |  19 November 2022


ROMA is a Dance Theatre Production created by Anglo-Sicilian choreographer Anthony Lo-Giudice, alongside a team of internationally renowned performers.

Within ROMA, Anthony crafts the intimate musings of his parent’s accounts of one another, shaping them into a series of fleeting memories and imaginations, recollecting their tempestuous jostle between love and cultural divide.

ROMA explores identity, border, and nationality at a time when these subjects are at the forefront of today’s society. It is a work in which the performers on stage tackle themes of loneliness and conflict, belonging and struggle, the need for community and a place to call home.

ROMA will be preceded by Waiting on It, a dance film choreographed by guest artist Beth Veitch. Waiting on It examines time and the pace of the everyday; the transitional space between something and nothing while we wait for a decision, the bus, the kettle to boil, permission …

The evening will also feature the premiere of response film Waiting for a hug, starring dancers from Cheryl Stewart’s Nifty after Fifty, choreographed by Beth Veitch and filmed by Alex Ayre.

“Life is what happens when you're making other plans is the kind of phrase you might cross-stitch into a wall-hanging, or write on a post-it and stick to your fridge. It speaks to how we experience time, or rather don't experience it. Time marches on at a pace and we don't notice. The racing hum of life is such that we barely stop to breathe, to take stock. When I think about the moments that I've been acutely aware of time passing, they have one thing in common: waiting.”
Words by writer Lauren Vevers

The work has been made possible with generous support from Arts Council England, Community Foundation, Northumberland County Council, Maltings Berwick and Anthony Lo-Giudice Dance.

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