Berwick Film Society: Past Lives (12A)

Main House Theatre  |  13 March 2024

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An impressive debut from writer-director Celine Song which has received world-wide critics’ praise, here is a reflective focus on two charming characters who draw the audience into their lives through their tender and honest humanity. 

Na Young (who changes her name to Nora) and Hae Sung are inseparable childhood friends who walk home together after school. Parted by events over which they have no control as children, their lives diverge. Moving through adulthood, will they want tofind each other again and could these two people, now living in different cultures, reconnect after so long? 

Awards and Nominations: 54 wins, 172 nominations

2024 Oscar nominations for Past Lives


  • Best picture
  • Best original screenplay

South Korea 2023

Dir: Celine Song I Cast: Greta Lee, Teo Yoo | Language: Korean (subtitled)   

“[Nora] feels the lure of the past when she sees Hae Sung, who has a wildly different life and outlook, but who represents a culture and a love she left behind…a stunning love story that spans time” 
Anna Smith, Rolling Stone Magazine