BFMAF 24: To Exist Under Permanent Suspicion and others (15)

Main House Theatre  |  8 March 2024

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When markets crash, connections fail, memory cards corrupt and logic boards burn out, what becomes of our augmented selves? A programme of short films reflecting the impact of technologies on human identity, consciousness, love and society under late capitalism.

To Exist Under Permanent Suspicion – A woman on the verge of a corporate breakdown. The air is all but sucked out of Valentin Noujaïm’s deliciously miasmic horror set in La Défense, Europe’s largest purpose-built business district on the outskirts of Paris. Ambitious executive Claire (played by Saint Omer’s Kayije Kagame) is pitching a new skyscraper when she begins to descend into a fugue state fueled by visions of violent alienation. 

for here I am sitting in a tin can far above the worldA woman dreams of a future economic crisis affecting the cryptocurrency market. Thousands have been cryogenized, waiting for better times… Gala Hernández López’ densely researched, engrossing two-channel work is a dizzying psychedelic epistolary laden with doom and unease. Are we all suspended, falling into the void? And what strange relationship do we have with the future? 

LoveboardThrough obsolete components of plastic and metal, a journey into the digital vestiges of what remains when first love fades. The idea of the gadget-as-body is playfully explored through the literal and figurative deconstruction of a broken phone. From the fragments of found archive blooms a parallel movement of lingering resistance against the ephemeral quality of our digital selves and a tender reflection on what endures.  


To Exist Under Permanent Suspicion | Dir. Valentin Noujaïm | France | 2024 | 14m | French with English subtitles 

for here I am sitting in a tin can far above the world | Dir. Gala Hernández López | France | 2023 | 18m | English  

Loveboard | Dir. Felipe Casanova | Switzerland, Belgium | 2023 | 17m | French with English subtitles  


Content warning: Needles