Damp Knight Comedy: Stingraiders of the Lost Ark

Henry Travers Studio  |  12 – 13 July 2024


Hold on to your hats because Damp Knight Comedy are back at The Maltings with their newest comedy concoction – Stingraiders of the Lost Ark.

These globetrotting comediologists have scoured terrible temples and treacherous tombs, survived twisted tunnels and torturous traps just so they can bring you the greatest treasure of all… laughter!

Taking elements of popular improv TV shows (such as Mock the Week, Fast and Loose and Whose Line Is It Anyway?), they add their own signature brand of surreal, unpredictable spontaneity and hit fast-forward for a night of unforgettable, high-octane comedy, inspired entirely by the audience’s suggestions.

Join the Damp Knights in their latest adventure into the fishy depths of the comedic unknown, as they invent and scramble their way through impossible situations, ridiculous games and even the odd inconceivable musical number all for your entertainment, knowing that they genuinely do not have a pre-approved script or storyline to fall back on.

Old favourites such as Forward/Reverse and New Choice will be on offer as well as the ever-growing arsenal of Damp Knight originally created games.

It’s a night of hilarity for all who attend, or an opportunity to show your friends and family how incredible you really are by volunteering yourself for audience participation, joining the boys on stage and melting the audience’s faces as you embrace the glow of the golden ark of comedy! (Audience participation Not mandatory) (We cannot guarantee your face will be melted)

Who Are Damp Knight Comedy?
Formed in 2015, creative comedy cronies Damp Knight Comedy are a group of passionate funny peoples, performers and general ne’er-do-wells that know how to make audiences laugh but haven’t yet mastered writing a script. After many gigs round the North East of England and the South of Scotland, as well as several sell-out performances at The Maltings, they are back with their quick wits, stage chemistry and complete lack of shame.

You can also find them performing in a whole host of other productions on and off the stage, including wowing audiences with their singing and dancing in the incredibly popular Here Come the Girls shows.